Culture is the heart of our brand. It is the inspiration of every piece of clothing we create and the driving force behind our mission to preserve and promote the rich heritage of our brand.

For us at Floyd Cardigan Colltn, the art of aesthetics is not just creating beautiful pieces, but it is also telling the story and showcasing the cultural richness of Africa. Each item we created on this collection is a unique work of art, carefully crafted using techniques and patterns that have been passed down for centuries. From vibrant colors, to the intricate designs, our pieces are a celebration of Africa’s rich history and heritage.

Our mission on this project is to share this beauty with the world and inspire others to embrace and celebrate the rich diversity of African culture. We believe that our knitted pieces can bridge the gap between cultures, promoting understanding and appreciation for the arts and traditions of our people.

Join us on the journey to discover the art of aesthetics through our one-of-a-kind knitted pieces. Celebrate Africa’s rich heritage and cultural identity as you proudly wear and experience the beauty of art.